Our mission;

For Architectural and Engineering, design and operation intellect seeks the accurate harmony of project components such as clients, construction cost economy, physical conditions, time, end users and functional criteria, along with the aesthetic and scientific conditions, with no interest in trendy fashions, and creates contemporary, technological, environmental and working products as final outcome.


For Natural Stone, with an elevated international vocation, goes further than the production and sale of the Natural Stone. It provides solutions to market demands and trends, sustaining itself by innovation, technology and customer service.


Our vision;

To become the world benchmark for the Natural Stone sector, by strengthening its leadership position, maximizing growth opportunities when in other avant-garde segments of the covering and floor market.

What is the difference of Sekiz Architecture Engineering Co. from other companies in the sector?

"We're doing our job with passion."

Perhaps that's the only reason of our success. Because we know that; however, when you love a job you try to develop yourself and to become more successful in that area.

 "Quality, Reliability, Dignity"

Dating back to a renowned history of over half a century our dignity has been based on quality and reliability. Our commitment is, to submit all of our projects flawlessly and on time; to create durable and qualified work and to produce the most reliable goods and services. While realising these, we never compromise on honesty, accuracy and stability. Our most essential principle is to work continuously as much as we can, to aim the highest accomplishments and to progress further and further.


Even the smallest of our accomplishments is big enough not to be just a single person’s work. Considering the fact that people can only accomplish great things by trusting and relying on each other, our managers and all the workers within our Corporation have been interlocked as a family. All the members of Sekiz Family have a strong team spirit based on a constituent comprised of affection-respect-devotion.

 "Sensitivity to the Environment"

One of the basic principles of our corporate culture is to act due to the awareness that giving the priority to increase the life quality of the next generations can only be managed by preserving the nature and helping the ecological system in all our business processes.


Civil Eng. Ozgur ILBAY

Chairman of The Board